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Amalfi 450gsm Spa Towel Collection

  • From £5.00
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The Amalfi Spa Collection towels have been made to withstand the rigours of spas and hotel pools.

The Amalfi Spa Collection towels have been made to withstand the rigours of spas and hotel pools.
In a classic dark grey colour with narrow edge border.

Amalfi 4500gsm Towel Collection

Sizes Available: Spa Mitt, Face, Guest, Hand, Bath Sheet
Colours Available: Grey, White
Fabric Quality: 450gsm Towelling
Fabric Composition: Cotton
Care Instructions: Fully Machine washable up to 90ºC.Do not bleach
Made in Europe: Exclusively for The Fine Cotton Company

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2-430-40-60-10 Size Details Face Cloth - 30 x 30 cm
2-430-40-60-10 Product Type Face Cloth
2-430-41-61-10 Size Details Hand Towel - 50 x 90 cm
2-430-41-61-10 Product Type Hand Towel
2-430-44-68-10 Size Details XL Spa Sheet - 100 x 200 cm
2-430-44-68-10 Product Type XL Bath Sheet
2-430-60-80-10 Size Details Head Band - 8 x 58 cm
2-430-60-80-10 Product Type Head Band
2-430-40-58-10 Size Details Spa Mitt - 16 x 21cm
2-430-40-58-10 Product Type Wash Matt
2-430-40-60-60 Size Details Face Cloth - 30 x 30 cm
2-430-40-60-60 Product Type Face Cloth
2-430-41-61-60 Size Details Hand Towel - 50 x 90 cm
2-430-41-61-60 Product Type Hand Towel
2-430-44-68-60 Size Details XL Spa Sheet - 100 x 200 cm
2-430-44-68-60 Product Type XL Bath Sheet
2-430-40-58-60 Size Details Spa Mitt - 16 x 21cm
2-430-40-58-60 Product Type Wash Matt
2-430-40-60-10 Colour White
2-430-40-60-10 Fabric Composition Cotton
2-430-40-60-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-430-40-60-10 Fabric Weight - approx 450gsm
2-430-41-61-10 Colour White
2-430-41-61-10 Fabric Composition Cotton
2-430-41-61-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-430-41-61-10 Fabric Weight - approx 450gsm
2-430-44-68-10 Colour White
2-430-44-68-10 Fabric Composition Cotton
2-430-44-68-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-430-44-68-10 Fabric Weight - approx 450gsm
2-430-60-80-10 Colour White
2-430-60-80-10 Fabric Composition Cotton
2-430-60-80-10 Fabric Type Velour
2-430-60-80-10 Fabric Weight - approx 350gsm
2-430-40-58-10 Colour White
2-430-40-58-10 Fabric Composition Cotton
2-430-40-58-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-430-40-58-10 Fabric Weight - approx 450gsm
2-430-40-60-60 Colour Grey
2-430-40-60-60 Fabric Composition Cotton
2-430-40-60-60 Fabric Type Towelling
2-430-40-60-60 Fabric Weight - approx 450gsm
2-430-41-61-60 Colour Grey
2-430-41-61-60 Fabric Composition Cotton
2-430-41-61-60 Fabric Type Towelling
2-430-41-61-60 Fabric Weight - approx 450gsm
2-430-44-68-60 Colour Grey
2-430-44-68-60 Fabric Composition Cotton
2-430-44-68-60 Fabric Type Towelling
2-430-44-68-60 Fabric Weight - approx 450gsm
2-430-40-58-60 Colour Grey
2-430-40-58-60 Fabric Composition Cotton
2-430-40-58-60 Fabric Type Towelling
2-430-40-58-60 Fabric Weight - approx 450gsm
2-430-40-60-10 Care Washable up to 60°C
2-430-40-60-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential,Spa
2-430-41-61-10 Care Washable up to 60°C
2-430-41-61-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential,Spa
2-430-44-68-10 Care Washable up to 60°C
2-430-44-68-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential,Spa
2-430-60-80-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-430-60-80-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential,Spa
2-430-40-58-10 Care Washable up to 60°C
2-430-40-58-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential,Spa
2-430-40-60-60 Care Washable up to 60°C
2-430-40-60-60 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential,Spa
2-430-41-61-60 Care Washable up to 60°C
2-430-41-61-60 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential,Spa
2-430-44-68-60 Care Washable up to 60°C
2-430-44-68-60 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential,Spa
2-430-40-58-60 Care Washable up to 60°C
2-430-40-58-60 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential,Spa
2-430-40-60-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-430-41-61-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-430-44-68-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-430-60-80-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-430-40-58-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-430-40-60-60 Country of Origin Portugal
2-430-41-61-60 Country of Origin Portugal
2-430-44-68-60 Country of Origin Portugal
2-430-40-58-60 Country of Origin Portugal

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