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How to Create a Hotel Bed at Home

Ever wondered how those luxury hotels create that wonderful ‘fall back and sink into’ feeling from their rooms’ beds? We’ve learned from the experts so follow our tips on how to create that luxury hotel bed feel at home. Clean up Sounds obvious but part of the restorative hotel magic is the pristine feel they provide. So clear out your clutter and give your room a thorough clean, paying special attention to your bed and mattress. Ideally mattresses should be changed approximately every 8 years and if you invest in a new one do remember to protect it with... Read More


How to style your bedroom for spring

At this time of year we all want to give our homes a refresh. With spring budding up around us, lighter brighter days and the promise of warmer weather it’s only natural to want a bit of that indoors too. Luckily it’s easy to bring spring into your bedroom. Try it for yourself with these five style tips to refresh your bedroom for spring. 1. Put flowers by your bed  Pop some spring blooms in a vase on a bedside table for instant style points. Fresh flowers in spring shades create... Read More


Luxury Personalised Embroidered Towels

Soft, fluffy towels are a thoughtful gift that loved ones will treasure. Personalise with anything from a name, anniversary date or wedding details, to a house guests initials that’ll make them feel right at home.” Adults Personalised Bath Robes “Personalised bath robesmake wonderful gifts at any time of the year for weddings, engagements, birthdays and anniversaries,” says Jane Robson. “We’ve a huge selection of bath robes in a range of fabrics, all of which can be personalised with initials or wording in a choice of 12 thread colours – a gorgeous gift for him, for her... Read More


Three of the Best Luxury Children’s Bedding Sets

Give children’s rooms a magical makeover with our three brand-new cotton percale bed linen collections. Each available with matching embroidered accessories Unicorns Organic Cotton Linen Collection There’s no escaping the unicorn craze that’s been sweeping the globe. This elegant, mystical creature has popped up on anything from pyjamas to pizza and its popularity is showing no signs of wavering. Beautiful bedding with an all-over embroidered unicorn design in soft pink, lilac and silver, is a sophisticated way to introduce this magical motif into homes. Plus coordinating accessories are an ideal... Read More


How to care for your bed linen

If you’re investing in some luxury bed linen it makes sense to know how to look after it. Keep your bed linen looking beautiful with these expert tips on keeping it clean and feeling pristine. 1. Change your bed linen once a week It’s best to change your bed linen once a week to keep it fresh. In warmer climates switching your pillowcases every few days will help keep thing feeling clean as they get more wear than your sheets.  2. Wash your sheets with care Treat your bed linen gently. Unless your... Read More


The Duvet Size Guide: How to Choose a Duvet for the Perfect Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep starts with your choice of bedding, so it’s important to invest in a high-quality duvet that caters to your sleep style. However, with so many duvets available, choosing the right one for you can be a daunting experience. Should you opt for a natural or synthetic-filled duvet, and does the tog rating matter? Moreover, what size should your duvet be? At The Fine Cotton Company, we’ve spent years working with the best suppliers to curate luxury filled bedding to offer the perfect night’s sleep, so you... Read More


The Secret to the Perfect Sleep: The Best Steps to Follow to Improve your Sleep

In a world filled with bright screens and overloaded schedules, getting the perfect sleep can be an uphill battle  Life is busy; our days are hectic, and, more often than not, we find ourselves bombarded with messages that keep our minds in overdrive. However, despite being exhausted and ready for our heads to hit the pillow, our sleep schedule has other ideas. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Many of our readers find it hard to drift off at bedtime, so we’ve put together our top tips on... Read More


How to create a perfect guest bedroom

With Christmas around the corner creating the perfect guest room is high on our to-do list. We caught up with Antonia Sanchez-Toomey blogger and owner of of luxury lifestyle store Tinker Tailor Online to give us her tips for welcoming visitors for the holidays. 1. How would you describe your interior style?  That is such a tough question! In all honesty I believe my style evolves in line with my life and the style of the house of course. When I became a mother our interiors were practical and cheery, I loved pattern... Read More


Weekend Baking – Classic sweet scones recipe

Whether you fancy pottering in the kitchen alone or need a simple recipe to entertain the kids, these classic sweet scones won’t disappoint. Read on to discover this simple recipe for delicious sweet scones. Ingredients 50g Butter 225 Self-raising flour 25g Caster sugar 150ml Milk 1 egg – Beaten Cooking time – 20 mins Oven 220°c Method Rub the butter into the flour, then stir in the sugar and pour in the milk. Stir with a knife to form a slightly sticky dough then roll lightly in flour. Roll out... Read More