How plants can make your bedroom healthier

Plants are a great way to add decor details to your home, open any interiors magazine or scroll your Instagram feed right now and you can’t help but see a plethora of plants adorning every room of the house from bathrooms to bedrooms.


But did you know there’s more to these plants than their beauty? They can actually make you healthier:




They help you sleep.

​Plants can help keep your bedroom air clean - removing daily toxins that build up in the atmosphere and helping keep their air you breathe fresher. This fresh air is not only healthier but helps you sleep more soundly too - a double win. Just be mindful to choose a plant that emits oxygen at night (not all do) Orchids are great at this, as are Succulents and Chinese Everygreens.

Scented plants create a soothing atmosphere.

Soothing scents like Lavender and Jasmine can help you drift off to sleep but they also keep your room smelling fresh and fragrant without the need for any chemical nasties.

They help you to relax

Tending to a plant is a proven route to relaxation, taking a moment to look after a plant is a simple way to slow down and be rewarded as it blooms and grows. Most houseplants are relatively easy to look after, just be mindful of where you put them, a plant on a sunny windowsill may require more watering than that in a cool corner and some plants like succulents will thrive in the heat but ferns prefer a shadier spot.


And if you're not keen on popping to your local garden centre to choose a plant that's right for you fret not, there are lots of lovely plants available online. We're particular fans of the super selection from Martin and Cox Living Gifts that come beautifully packaged and ready to grace the chicest of bedrooms.


So next time you're sinking into bed think about adding some houseplants along with the fresh cotton sheets for a healthier slumber.



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