Caring For Your Bed Linens


Caring for your Cotton Bed Linen

We hope your bedlinen lasts for years and we would like to suggest the following to help.

Our 100% cotton bedlinen is all washable and seems to get better with age. Each product has instructions on the care label which should be followed.

We suggest you change your bedlinen regularly, at least once a week.

  • Wash on a gentle cycle at 30 or 40 degrees
  • Only use non-biological washing powders or liquids.
  • Do not use biological washing powders or any products with whiteners or blueing agents as these can reduce the life of your sheets.
  • Avoid washing cotton bedlinen with polyester fabrics
  • Do not overload the washing machine as this can break down the cotton fibres.
  • Do not over-spin.
  • Once the machine cycle has finished, remove the bedlinen and hang out to dry.
  • Line Dry or tumble dry on a low heat.
  • Do not over-dry as this will reduce the life of your bedlinen
  • Iron your bedlinen while slightly damp but avoid ironing over the embroidery as it may cause the colour to fade.
  • Keep any dark colours away from light colours while damp.
  • Do not store your linens until completely dry.

Caring For Your Silk

Silk is a luxury fibre and you should always protect your silk filled duvets, toppers and pillows with a removable washable cover.
If properly covered, silk filled duvets, toppers and pillows should almost never require cleaning.
Silk duvets, toppers and pillows are free from dust mites and as you don't perspire using them it should be unnecessary to thoroughly clean them; simply hang them out in the sun to air for a couple of hours once a year.

Silk filled duvets & toppers
You may spot clean the silk filled duvets and toppers but should they require a thorough cleaning they can be professionally laundered on a low temperature (30°C) followed by cool tumble dry.

Silk filled cot bed duvets If necessary, these may be machine washed at a very low temperature (30°C) using mild detergent and a cool tumble dry.
We do not advise that this be done often.

Silk blankets, eiderdowns and bedspreads 100% silk blankets, eiderdown and bedspreads- Dry clean only.

Silk filled pillows 100% Silk Filled Pillows: Spot clean and professional launder.

Caring for Your Down Duvets, Pillows and Mattress Enhancers

We recommend that you take all our duvets and pillows to a specialist cleaner to be laundered and thoroughly dried. This is because professional cleaners have large dryers to ensure your duvet is fully dry and won't develop mildew.
Full instructions can be found on the duvet care label.
With appropriate care, natural duvets will last for over 10 years. However, the number of times a duvet is laundered will have an impact on its lifespan, as will repeatedly lying or sitting on top of it as this has the effect of compressing the filling and eventually diminishing its ability to trap air.

You should give your duvet a good shake each morning to redistribute the filling.

Pillows will have a shorter lifespan than duvets.
This is because of the weight of our heads is flattening it all through the night and therefore over the years the level of support and comfort will deteriorate.
We suggest you plump up pillows daily

Your mattress enhancers and toppers may be laundered in your washing machine but must be completely dry before storing and reusing.

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