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Eco Information

At The Fine Cotton Company we strive to reduce our impact on the environment by buying natural and organic products wherever possible.

We have carefully selected the finest suppliers who use Certified Organic Cotton to produce our gorgeous bedlinen range. The manufacturers of all our other collections make their products from ethical and sustainable sources

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.

Non organic cotton is produced using pesticides and insecticides leaving a toxic residue that can pollute soil and water sources.

Our organic cotton is grown under strict guidelines without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

The organic cotton we use is certified by GOTS the Global Organic Textile Standard . This standard ensures the organic status covering the production, processing and manufacturing of the fibres.

Organic bed linen is pure, soft and gentle on your skin so why not take a step towards living in an eco friendly world and sleeping more easily knowing that you are not being exposed to any harmful chemicals or toxins in your bed linen?   Babies sleep for around 70% of the time and adults spend between a quarter and a third of their time sleeping, so it is important that your bedroom is as comfortable, warm, properly aired and as free from chemical irritants as possible.
Commercially grown cotton is sprayed with pesticides and doused in chemical fertilisers. These harmful chemicals and toxins work their way into the cotton fibres and can remain in commercially grown cotton bedding even after frequent washing.   However, organic cotton is grown in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner.   Organic cotton is grown using materials and methods that have as low an impact on the environment as possible.   The way that organic cotton is grown also replenishes and maintains soil fertility, and it also reduces the use of toxic and harmful pesticides and helps to develop biologically diverse agriculture.   Soil erosion, which is a large problem in many parts of the world, is also reduced when cotton is farmed organically.   Did you know that it takes around 500 grams of pesticides and chemical fertilisers to farm enough non-organic cotton to make just one bed sheet?

If you choose to buy organic cotton bed linen then you are helping to ensure the long term health of our planet as producing organic cotton utilises sustainable farming practices.   Organic cotton farming is a lot more ethical than commercial cotton farming and offers better working conditions and fairer remuneration for the farmers.   So by buying organic cotton sheets, organic cotton duvet covers and organic cotton pillow cases you are supporting the organic farming industry which promotes a fair deal for the local farmers.   Organic cotton farming is also much better for the environment as farming cotton organically reduces the amount of chemical pollutants in the air that are potentially damaging the health of local communities.   Organic farming also means that toxins and chemicals do not get into the local water supplies and are not carried back into communities by farmers coming in from the fields.   Organic cotton picking is also safer for the farmer's health, as they do not get exposed to harmful pesticides and fertilisers while working in the fields.   Buying organic cotton is also great for recycling as organic materials decompose naturally into the soil without leaving harmful chemicals and toxins behind them.  

You may think that buying organic cotton bed linen would be too expensive for you, but organic cotton bed linen can be very affordable and is also very durable and long lasting.    Because they have been grown naturally the organic cotton fibres reach their full growth and they are stronger than commercially grown cotton fibres.   When you care for your organic cotton bed linens properly they last longer than commercially grown cotton or synthetic sheets and duvet covers.

Sleeping in soft, cosy organic bed linen also allows you to lose any fears that you may have that harmful chemicals from your bedding are weakening your immune system, aggravating your allergies and that you are inhaling chemical irritants all night.   Our bodies are constantly fighting against all the toxins in the synthetic products that surround us in our homes and workplaces and this can weaken our immune systems.   At least a good night's sleep in organic bed linen gives your body's defence mechanisms a chance to recuperate.   So buying organic cotton bed linen is a great idea for anyone who is at all sensitive to chemicals and toxins.   Many chemicals such as fire retardants and formaldehyde are constantly seeping out of your non-organic sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases.   You may not have known this before, but formaldehyde is regularly used on non-organic cotton sheets to keep them free from wrinkles.   You should also be aware that the chemicals and the level of these chemicals present in non-organic cotton are not regulated in any way.  

Just think of all the time that your precious baby spends sleeping in their cot; if your baby does not sleep in organic cotton baby bed linen they will be in contact with these chemicals all the time and breathing them in for hours.   As adults we also spend around seven hours a night asleep potentially taking in these harmful irritants. These high levels of chemicals can lead to respiratory and skin problems and may aggravate any allergies that you have.   However, sleeping in organic cotton sheets and under an organic cotton duvet cover may help to soothe your allergic symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy eyes and the sneezing that occurs when your respiratory system is irritated.

To help ensure that you keep your bedroom free of irritants and maximise the benefits of sleeping in organic bed linen it is important to change and wash your linens frequently at a high temperature in a gentle, organic cleanser.

Another way in which organic bed linen can help you have a healthy and comfortable night's sleep is that organic cottons are far more effective in absorbing moisture and perspiration than non-organic fabrics. This high level of absorption helps to eliminate the excess sweating that some people can experience when sleeping in non-organic cotton or synthetic bed linens.   Synthetic fabrics like polyester do not breathe well and do not aid heat regulation during sleep.   Using organic cotton bed linen can also reduce incidences of fungal infections, like athletes foot, that are aggravated by sweating.

So by purchasing organic bed linen you are not only ensuring that you have a long and cosy night's sleep; you are protecting your health and also protecting the planet.   You can also have a beautiful and elegant bedroom if you buy organic bed linen, as there are now many gorgeous, luxurious ranges of matching organic cotton duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases available from The Fine Cotton Company.

Our Oeko-Tex Certified Dyes

Our dyes are approved and certified by Oeko-Tex .

All our factories are Oeko-Tex Certified.

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification assures that textile products are free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be detrimental to human health.

The certification covers every textile component and ensures they are free from harmful toxins and irritants and is biodegradable and recyclable.

Certification also guarantees that all the stages of manufacture are eco-friendly and do not generate noise, air or water pollution