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James Bond Inspired Embroidered Como 700gsm Towel Collection

  • From £14.00
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James Bond Inspired Embroidered Organic Cotton Towel  in a range of sizes including:
Face cloths, guest towels, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets, extra large bath sheets and bath mats
Please Note as this is embroidered to order it is not returnable
Please allow 14 days for delivery

As seen in James Bond Spectre film

Personalised towels are sold as single items

The Como luxury towels embroidered with James Bond Spectre motif.

Set with Bath Towel - includes Face Cloth, Hand Towel and Bath Towel - 1 of each item
Set with Bath Sheet - includes Face Cloth, Hand Towel and Bath Sheet - 1 of each item

The Como luxury towels collections are fully combed 700 gram organic cotton making them very thick and plush with a deep rib border.
The high quality combed yarns ensure the Como towels are exceptionally soft and luxurious to the touch, and the lusciously dense pile ensures they are super absorbent.
The rib end border gives a stylish finish at one end of each towel.

Sizes Available: Face Cloths, Guest Towels, Hand Towels, Bath Towels, Bath Sheets and Bath Mats
Colours Available: White
Fabric Quality: 700 gsm organic cotton
Fabric Composition: Organic Cotton
Care Instructions: Fully Machine washable
Made in Europe: Exclusively for The Fine Cotton Company

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2-702-40-60-10 Size Details Face Cloth - 30 x 30 cm
2-702-40-60-10 Product Type Face Cloth
2-702-48-68-10 Size Details Guest Towel - 30 x 50 cm
2-702-48-68-10 Product Type Guest Towel
2-702-41-61-10 Size Details Hand Towel - 50 x 90 cm
2-702-41-61-10 Product Type Hand Towel
2-702-42-62-10 Size Details Bath Towel -70 x 140 cm
2-702-42-62-10 Product Type Bath Towel
2-702-42-63-10 Size Details Bath Sheet - 100 x 150 cm
2-702-42-63-10 Product Type Bath Sheet
2-702-40-63-10 Size Details XL Bath Sheet 100 x 180 cm
2-702-40-63-10 Product Type XL Bath Sheet
2-702-40-65-10 Size Details Bath Mat - 50 x 80 cm
2-702-40-65-10 Product Type Bath Mat
2-762-48-68-10 Size Details Set with Bath Towel - Face, Hand and Bath Towel
2-762-48-68-10 Product Type Towel Set
2-762-48-69-10 Size Details Set with Bath Sheet - Face, Hand and Bath Sheet
2-762-48-69-10 Product Type Towel Set
2-702-40-60-10 Colour White
2-702-40-60-10 Fabric Composition Organic Cotton
2-702-40-60-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-702-40-60-10 Fabric Weight - approx 700gsm
2-702-48-68-10 Colour White
2-702-48-68-10 Fabric Composition Organic Cotton
2-702-48-68-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-702-48-68-10 Fabric Weight - approx 700gsm
2-702-41-61-10 Colour White
2-702-41-61-10 Fabric Composition Organic Cotton
2-702-41-61-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-702-41-61-10 Fabric Weight - approx 700gsm
2-702-42-62-10 Colour White
2-702-42-62-10 Fabric Composition Organic Cotton
2-702-42-62-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-702-42-62-10 Fabric Weight - approx 700gsm
2-702-42-63-10 Colour White
2-702-42-63-10 Fabric Composition Organic Cotton
2-702-42-63-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-702-42-63-10 Fabric Weight - approx 700gsm
2-702-40-63-10 Colour White
2-702-40-63-10 Fabric Composition Organic Cotton
2-702-40-63-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-702-40-63-10 Fabric Weight - approx 700gsm
2-702-40-65-10 Colour White
2-702-40-65-10 Fabric Composition Organic Cotton
2-702-40-65-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-702-40-65-10 Fabric Weight - approx 700gsm
2-762-48-68-10 Colour White
2-762-48-68-10 Fabric Composition Organic Cotton
2-762-48-68-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-762-48-68-10 Fabric Weight - approx 700gsm
2-762-48-69-10 Colour White
2-762-48-69-10 Fabric Composition Organic Cotton
2-762-48-69-10 Fabric Type Towelling
2-762-48-69-10 Fabric Weight - approx 700gsm
2-702-40-60-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-702-40-60-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential
2-702-48-68-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-702-48-68-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential
2-702-41-61-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-702-41-61-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential
2-702-42-62-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-702-42-62-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential
2-702-42-63-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-702-42-63-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential
2-702-40-63-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-702-40-63-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential
2-702-40-65-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-702-40-65-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential
2-762-48-68-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-762-48-68-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential
2-762-48-69-10 Care Washable up to 40°C
2-762-48-69-10 Suitability Home Use,Contract,Hotel,Laundry,Residential
2-702-40-60-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-702-48-68-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-702-41-61-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-702-42-62-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-702-42-63-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-702-40-63-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-702-40-65-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-762-48-68-10 Country of Origin Portugal
2-762-48-69-10 Country of Origin Portugal

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