Choosing the correct pillow can make all the difference in ensuring you get a good night's sleep and the choice of filling is very important as it determines how much support the pillow will give your head.
Our luxury pillows are filled with the finest goose down, pure silk, wool and synthetic options.
Our pillows are despatched directly to the customer and may take up to 10 days to arrive
Royal Collection Luxury British Made  Pillow Collection
Luxurious, British Made luxury pillows in natural and sythetic fibres. Goose down, down surround pillows and microfibre fillings with a silky soft ja..
Luxury Goose Down Pillow Collection
The White Goose Down Pillow is sumptuously light, filled with fluffy down clusters and small fine feathers that will give you the best night's sleep. ..
Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Collection
Supreme Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Gold Collection Our  goose down pillows are of the finest quality and are filled with 100% new white goose down..
Goose Down Surround Pillow Collection
Our Goose Down Surround Pillow has a core of small feathers with a luxurious down surround which makes it feel wonderfully soft to sleep on whilst sti..
Goose Feather and Down Pillow Collection
Goose Feather & Down Pillows The White Goose Down Pillow is sumptuously light, filled with small fine feathers and fluffy down clusters. The ..
Duck Down Pillow Collection
The Duck Down Pillow collection is filled with 100% luxury duck down encased in a pure cotton casing beautifully finished with a piped edge. Co-ordin..
Duck Feather and Down Pillow Collection
The Duck Feather and Down Pillow collection is The pure cotton casing is beautifully finished with a piped edge. Co-ordinates with the great value D..
Silk Pillow Collection
Pure Silk Pillows Our 100% silk pillows are firm, dense and give good support for the neck. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic due to the silk's res..
Wool Pillow Collection
Wool Pillows Collection Made with a 100% British wool filling and covered in a wool quilted, 280 thread count 100% cotton outer for breathability, ..
Suprelle Eco Friendly Pillow Collection
The Suprelle pillow collection is filled with a luxury blend of microfibre and tencel with a pure cotton cover. ..
Boutique Silk Pillow Collection
Boutique Silk Pillows Offer your guests unrivalled 5 star luxury and the great night’s sleep they look forward to. This opulent pillow is packed f..
Smart Down Recycled Pillow Collection FBC
Smartdown Pillow by The Fine Bedding Company Made from 100% Recycled fibre with 100% cotton sustainably sourced cover. The fibres are silky soft d..
Wool Childrens Nursery Duvets and Pillows Collection
Our range of wool baby and nursery bedding is the natural, sustainable and safe choice for babies, as well as bringing positive health benefits too. ..
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