Six simple steps to get a good night’s sleep

Life’s busy right? Our days are hectic and full on, we’re bombarded with messages that keep us on overdrive – we’re exhausted and we should sleep well.

Yet if, like many of our readers, you sometimes find it hard to drift off at bedtime then you’re not alone.

Despite our busy lifestyles many of us are finding it harder to sleep well when it comes to bedtime and it’s affecting how we perform each day.

So here are six easy-to-do steps to help you wind down, sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed.

1. Stick to soft drinks

Although it’s often considered a way to relax, alcohol can actually impair your ability to sleep all through the night. Try swapping spirits for alcohol free alternatives – we particularly like the Seedlip range for a guilt free ‘gin-style and tonic’. Or make yourself a warm milky drink before bed – a hot chocolate and swirl of cream is an indulgent way to start your wind down routine.

2.  Take a bath at bedtime

A dip in a warm bath is a surefire way to help your body relax after a busy day. Make your bathroom a real sanctuary – dim the lights, light a few scented candles and add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath for a sensory experience to soothe away the day. And don’t forget to stock up on plush cotton towels and a cosy bath robe to complete the spa experience. 

3. Clear out your bedroom

It sounds obvious but make your bedroom restful. Clear out the room of any clutter and distractions. Use calming tones for your bed linen that will relax rather than energise you. Invest in sumptuous duvets that cocoon you as you rest and add layers of blankets for warmth and cosy texture. A hot water bottle and even an eye mask, if you find light wakes you too early, are also great additions to help make you sleep better.

4. Make your bed comfortable

We all spend so much time in our beds but they are often the most overlooked piece of furniture in our homes. Investing in the best mattress enhancers and pillows you can afford will give your body the support and comfort it needs to rest easy all night long. Next time you choose to change yours take a look at our handy guide to buying duvets and pillows to help you find the right match. 

5. Steer clear of technology

We all love our tech but mobiles, laptops and televisions aren’t doing us any favours when it comes to restorative sleep. Experts reccomend trying to limit your use in the two hours before bed and avoid using them in the bedroom. The light your devices emit doesn’t help your brain relax and get ready to sleep. This along with the temptation to check your emails, see how many Instagram likes your last post got or tune in to that new Netflix box set is a recipe for broken sleep and a restless night. Rather get a great new book or revisit your favourite reads to help you drift off to sleep with stories.

6. Write it down

All of us carry around a to-do list in our heads. At bedtime, try writing it out before you go to sleep. It’s a way of ‘off-loading’ your thoughts on to paper and clearing your mind ready to sleep. It’s also a great reason to treat yourself to a lovely new notebook (like we need an excuse).

Six simple steps to get a good night’s sleep
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Six simple steps to get a good night’s sleep
Tips for a good nights sleep
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