How to Choose Your Bed Linen

How to choose your bed linen

Our handy guide makes it easy to find the right bed linen for you.
The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ absolutely applies to bed linen.
Our quality pure cotton bed linen may be a little bit more than average, but it is woven to give you a better night’s sleep, last you years and even improve the more you use it which makes it a great investment.
To keep things simple, follow our four themes when buying your bed linen:

  1. Fabric and Feel
  2. Thread Count
  3. Seasonality
  4. Care
Luxury Fabric Bed Linen 

1. Fabric and Feel

Our bed linen is all 100% Egyptian or organic cotton. We love cotton as it’s durable, versatile and breathable. As it’s a natural fibre it helps regulate body temperature too, so it’s ideal for making luxury bed sheets like ours.

We offer our luxury bed linen in GOTS approved Organic Cotton and Egyptian Cotton. We’re careful where we source our cotton too so that it’s sustainable but also longer in length, which means when it’s woven it’s stronger, so will last longer and have a smoother feel than less superior cottons.

Our family-run factories weave the cotton into different fabrics to give you a choice in texture, handle and feel. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.


Percale weave gives a very flat fabric with a crisp, paper-like feel and is cool to the touch making it ideal for warmer nights or anyone who prefers a cooler linen.

The threads are tightly woven in a one-under-one-over construction to give a strong fabric with a fine texture and finish. Generally Percale has a matt finish and is a bit more difficult to iron than sateen.

Care Tip: We recommend air drying our Percale sheets and ironing or steaming whilst slightly damp for easier pressing.

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Percale Bed Linen
Brooklyn Sateen Bed Linen


Sateen cotton fabric has a subtle lustre and drape with a soft feel and has a warmer feel than percale cotton. It’s often chosen by boutique hotels for their bed linen as it has a particularly luxurious feel and is generally easier to iron than percale.

Sateen is made in a satin weave, with four-over-one-under yarns, where the warp threads interlace with filling threads, resulting in a lustrous, smooth-faced, durable fabric with a distinct diagonal pattern.

Not all sateens are made the same, it’s important to choose a sateen with good-quality cotton yarns to make them strong and long-lasting. Naturally, we choose the best longer length cotton to weave our Sateen so you can be confident you’re really getting the finest quality.

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Brushed Cotton

A cotton bed linen for you if you like your bed to feel extra cosy. Brushed cotton flannelette is has an extra soft touch, as the delicate brushing process gives cotton bedding warm and comforting feel. Naturally, this fabric is great for winter when the temperatures fall and keep you feeling snug.

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Stowe Brushed Cotton
Milano Waffle


A textured look, waffle bed linen has a lovely grid design in squares which are recessed for an elegant finish. We like to use to a plain cotton on the reverse of our duvets extra smooth comfort next to the skin.

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Our percale and sateen duvets, pillows and sheets come with embroidered designs. Satin stitches are used to create timeless looks that won’t fade when washed unliked printed material designs. 

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2. Thread Count

Quite simply, thread count refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. The more threads, the higher the thread count and generally means the higher quality of bed linen. Our linens range from 200 to 600 thread count.

Thread count is an indication of quality but it really starts with the original yarn so don’t rely on thread count alone when choosing your bed linen, as it can be misleading. A sheet of better quality fibre with a lower thread count will feel softer and stand up to washing better than a lower quality fabric with a higher thread count. Plus some manufacturers use double twist yarns which means a 600 thread count may only actually be a 300TC with double threads twisted together.

You can be assured we use the finest quality cottons to make all our bed linen to deliver superior sheets.

Thread Count



You can choose different bed linen for different seasons, our brushed cotton is perfect for those super cold days whilst crisper cooler percale sheets is a wonderful option on balmy nights. But you really can use the same linen all year round too - it’s all about layering. If you prefer a cooler percale linen, they can work all year round too, simply add simply add a blanket, and throw for extra warmth and style in winter.

Caring for your linens

We all know there’s nothing nicer than sinking into fresh bedlinen and if you look after your linens well they will last you for years.

Our cotton bed linen is all machine washable but just follow a few simple rules to keep them in top condition:

  • Wash your bed linen separately from the rest of your laundry and don’t overfill the washing machine. This will give your sheets more space to circulate in the machine, meaning they will be cleaner.
    Remove your bed linens as soon as the cycle is over to reduce wrinkles and if possible dry outside for extra freshness.
  • Wash sheets weekly and you’ll extend their life. Time spent in bed causes dirt, dust & skin cells to accumulate on the sheets and the longer they are on there, the more stress is put on the fabric causing it to weaken.
    And do check the care label, as different fabrics will need slightly different care when it comes to washing.

Tip: Keep multiple sets available so a clean set is always on hand. A good rule of thumb is by rotating three sets of sheets per bed, they’ll last longer too and it’s a great way to keep your bedroom looking fresh with different designs.

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