How to Create a Hotel Bed at Home

Ever wondered how those luxury hotels create that wonderful ‘fall back and sink into’ feeling from their rooms’ beds?

We’ve learned from the experts so follow our tips on how to create that luxury hotel bed feel at home.


Clean up

Sounds obvious but part of the restorative hotel magic is the pristine feel they provide. So clear out your clutter and give your room a thorough clean, paying special attention to your bed and mattress.


Ideally mattresses should be changed approximately every 8 years and if you invest in a new one do remember to protect it with a luxury waterproof mattress protector to keep it pristine.


To give your mattress more longevity and even more comfort, add a mattress topper. Deeply luxurious, they are a wonderful way to give your bed that deep sink feel you get from the very best hotel beds.

Choose the right bed linen

Next comes bed linen – choosing the right linen feel has big impact on how you may sleep. Are you a percale person or prefer sateen? Percale has a crisper finish with a cooler touch and sateen has a smoother, silky finish and has a warmer feel. We sell both and have a handy guide on the differences here

The bottom sheet

Fitted or flat, it doesn’t really matter – it’s all a question of personal preference. If you are putting on a fitted sheet, make sure it’s deep enough for the mattress. There’s nothing worse than a sheet pinging off in the night, that’s why all our fitted sheets are a minimum 35cm deep so fit most mattresses with ease.
Then a flat sheet that can go on top – if your using a duvet you don’t always need this. Some people prefer to have a flat sheet so they don’t have to change the duvet cover so regularly.

Duvet decisions

Next comes the duvet – to achieve a hotel look and feel, your duvet doesn’t need to be expensive but selecting the right one for you will help you get the best night’s sleep. You can go for synthetic or natural fillings depending on your preference. One of our best-selling duvets is the Boutique Silk which has a microfibre filling mixed with 10% silk – it’s like sleeping in a cloud. 

A hotel tip

Some of our duvet covers have no buttons at the bottom, so just like in hotels you can tuck your duvet in between the mattress and bed base at the foot of the bed. This holds the duvet in place overnight so there’s no risk of cold spots where your duvet has wriggled onto the floor.

Pillow talk

Choosing the right pillow for you can make a dramatic difference to how you sleep at night. Many hotels now offer a choice of what pillow you prefer to give you the most comfortable night’s sleep. The filing of your pillow determines how much support your neck gets in the night tso choose wisely – for instance goose down is incredibly comforting and cradles your neck but you may need to have a firmer pllow beneath it for more support. Our pillows come in luxury goose down, wool, alpaca and silk fillings and a choice of three sizes so you can create the perfect blend to rest your head on.
For some extra hotel style points, consider adding three pillows infront of your headboard, then two pillows in front of those. This layering is a big trend in boutique hotels right now adds a polished look to your bed. 

Finishing touches

Those extra details make a difference when creating that hotel feel at home. Add seasonal texture and colour with luxury throws and soft cushions – we design many of our throws to be extra long so that they drape beautifully across the bed and down to the floor and our cushions come with feather filled pads for luxurious comfort.