6 ways to refresh your hotel rooms for spring

How to spring-clean luxury hotel rooms 


Spring is the traditional season for an interiors refresh – and hotel rooms are no exception. Regular cleaning is a must, of course. But there’s something about spring that delivers the perfect opportunity (and motivation) to take things to the next level. After a long hard winter, there’s really no substitute for making the most of the fresh air and sunlight, airing the estate, and getting rid of anything undesirable that’s built up over the winter.

 Windsor 400TC sateen bed linen for hotel rooms

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A clean, comfortable bed can make or break a hotel stay. In fact, it’s often considered to be the most important part of a guest’s visit. So a good bed really can affect the perception of your establishment, its reviews and, of course, the prospect of any repeat bookings. In other words, when you’re refreshing your hotel rooms for spring, your beds are the best place to start! Read on to discover how things should – and shouldn’t – be done, courtesy of our director Jane.

Mattress matters

It’s hard to understate the importance of a great mattress. In terms of comfort, personal preferences rule, of course. The best firmness level varies, and usually depends on both a person’s sleep position and weight. But all hotel rooms should offer a mattress that is properly cleaned and maintained.

When it comes to spring-cleaning your hotel rooms, merely stripping the bed and washing the linens really isn’t enough. Staff should remove all old mattress covers, and air the bed, to promote natural ventilation.

Airing the bed in hotel rooms

Extend the life of your hotel mattresses by keeping them clean, aired and protected

Thorough vacuuming is the next stage – and if possible (and recommended by the manufacturer) turn and rotate your hotel rooms’ mattresses. This helps to keep the comfort fillings evenly distributed. But always avoid wet cleaning, using water and/or steam. Liquid and moisture can completely ruin a mattress, causing the stuffing inside to deteriorate and decompose.

Protect & preserve

As with so much in life, prevention is better than cure. High-quality mattress covers – such as our Tuscany Luxury Deeper Filled Quilted Washable Mattress Topper Collection are a must for all prestige hotel rooms.

First and foremost, mattress protectors can help to defend your mattress from stains, bacteria, dust, dust mites and bed bugs. Keeping the cover fresh and hygienic will also help to extend the life of your mattress. So it’s important to replace it, along with all bedding, with each guest changeover.

Tuscany mattress protector for hotel beds

Our Tuscany mattress toppers incorporate a cotton outer and a deep layer of hollowfibre padding for extra comfort and protection

In addition to protection, however, a high-quality mattress topper will provide extra cushioning and support. Toppers can significantly improve mattress firmness – and the quality of your guests’ sleep.

Pillow talk in hotel rooms

The pillows in your hotel rooms also deserve some proper TLC to keep them in tip-top shape (literally and figuratively). In fact, all the best establishments are renowned for the quality and quantity of their pillows. A growing number even offer their guests a dedicated pillow menu.

If you’ve invested in high-quality pillows for your hotel rooms, you will of course want to care for them properly. As with your mattresses, proper protection is essential. Our Tencel Pillow Protector Collection is fully machine washable, so you can easily replace it after each guest change. These protectors are available in different sizes and shapes, and have a waterproof PU backing.

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Show your linens some love

One of the reasons upscale hotel beds feel so comfortable is down to the linens they use. High quality sheets will not only help your guests to feel looked after and well rested, but they can also transform the look of your hotel rooms too. I recommend a high thread count (at least 200 and above) and, in terms of materials, I suggest Egyptian cotton. It feels luxurious, improves with age, and softens each time you wash it.

Obviously all hotel bedding should be laundered between guests, but spring is the perfect time for some seasonal quality control too. Ensure staff check all hotel rooms for bed linen that’s ripped, looks grubby or grey, or is simply showing signs of wear and tear.

If it’s time to replace or upgrade, do explore our best-selling Brooklyn collection. Made especially for the contract market, this 300 thread count Egyptian cotton range is luxurious, yet durable. We can offer you a choice of hem finishes, and it's made from sustainably sourced fabric.

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Dressing up

What you put on top of the beds in your hotel rooms is just as important as the linens underneath. The right hotel blanket is practical and stylish. Warm and soft, look for a high-quality material, which will add a luxurious finishing touch to your bed linen.

Pure merino wool throws

A pure merino wool throw can be simply dry-cleaned for guests. This finishing touch will instantly add cosiness and a touch of luxury to any hotel room

So this spring, why not reassess you how you dress your beds? A simple throw or blanket update can completely change the look and feel of a room, injecting interest and variety for returning guests. It can also add an extra layer of cosiness to the surroundings – always helpful when dealing with the unpredictable British weather!

Lisbon washable throw for hotel rooms

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Suitcase solutions for hotel rooms

Finally, once you have refreshed all the bedding in your hotel rooms, you’ll want to protect them from damage. It’s common knowledge that many guests put their (dirty, heavy) suitcases on the bed, instead of the luggage rack, to unpack them.

Luggage mat for bed in luxury hotel room

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Happily, we have a solution: our Luggage and Bed Mat Collection. Available in two embroidered sizes, these mats are made from a heavy cotton sateen fabric. Fully machine washable, you can also customise them with your hotel logo.

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