How to choose a duvet

Buying a new duvet? With so much choice on offer it can be daunting task selecting the one that’s the right one for you.

We’ve spent years working with the best suppliers to curate our filled bedding, so you don’t need to be an expert – just read our handy guide and be ready to choose the duvet you’ll sleep soundly under night after night.

Things to consider when choosing your duvet:

Tog Rating 

This is how warm the duvet will be – it is measured by trapping air around you as you sleep. The higher the rating the warmer the duvet.

We stock summer duvets from 4.5tog light which is ideal for summer use, up to a hefty 13.5 tog for those super chilly winter nights.

Most people choose to switch up their duvets twice a year – selecting both a summer and a winter duvet option. This not only means you get a better sleep with climate appropriate duvet, but you’ll also extend the life of your duvet by resting it.

An alternative is to go for a middle range 10 tog duvet which works well all year round. Simply adding extra layers as you need them as the temperatures fall. This is a great option if storage is tight.

For the ultimate in year round comfort though consider a duvet that you can add layers too. Like our Silk Duvet Collection which can be buttoned together in winter for extra warmth.

The Filling 

The filling of your duvet can have a big influence on how it feels and how you sleep. Naturally filled duvets are generally lighter in weight than synthetic so can give the illusion of being less warm, but natural fillings such as feather and goose down not only help your skin breathe but have naturally efficient thermal properties which make them more than a match for manmade fillings.

Have you ever noticed how your duvet can become thin at one end? As though all the middle has reached the bottom. Cheaper duvets tend to lose their filling during the night but the box cassette construction of all our duvets means fillings stay put and keep you comfortable all night long. So there’s no need to shake them each time you use them to distribute back the fillings to their rightful place.

Goose down

Goose down feathers are supremely soft and excellent insulators. With no quill they make incredibly luxurious and sumptuous duvets yet are lightweight and perfect for year round use.

Perfect for: Those who like a reassuringly thick and soft duvet that sinks around them

Renowned for its luxuriousness, silk is warm in winter and cool in summer making it a great year round option. Plus, our range of silk duvets can be fastened together to create extra warmth as needed.

Silk is also ideal for allergy sufferers. Our silk filled duvets are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and particularly resistant to dust mites with a high quality 300 thread count cotton sateen which acts as a barrier.

Perfect for: Allergy sufferers and those who prefer a lighter weight feel to their duvet.


Pure wool provides natural temperature regulation which results in improved sleep. Stitched with a unique design, the wool eliminates cold spots and is more porous than synthetic fillings. It is suitable for Asthma and allergy sufferers and greatly aids restfulness.

Perfect for: Those who like a warm, even feel to their duvet,


A naturally anti-allergenic fibre, Alpaca is perfect for creating a healthy, natural and chemical free sleep environment providing relief to allergies such as Asthma.

Plus, Alpaca fibre filling helps maintain a constant body temperature preventing waking due to overheating or feeling too cold at night.

Perfect for: Allergy sufferers


New on the duvet block are recycled fillings. Silky soft fibres are created from recycled materials to replicate the feeling of natural fibres.

Our ingenious Smartdown Duvets feature fillings derived from recycled PET plastic bottles and make a great alternative to down.

Perfect for: Vegans and Allergy sufferers.

And just so you know, we don’t recommend duvets for babies under 12 months old.

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