How to style your bedroom for spring

At this time of year we all want to give our homes a refresh. With spring budding up around us, lighter brighter days and the promise of warmer weather it’s only natural to want a bit of that indoors too. Luckily it’s easy to bring spring into your bedroom.

Try it for yourself with these five style tips to refresh your bedroom for spring.

1. Put flowers by your bed

Flowers - spring ideas from The Fine Cotton Company

Pop some spring blooms in a vase on a bedside table for instant style points. Fresh flowers in spring shades create cheerful mood and are one of the simplest ways to create a spring feel in your bedroom.

2. Add some colour and texture with throws and blankets

Pure Wool Blankets, soft, merino wool blankets, Contract quality blankets in blue, grey, pink, gold, green, beige, latte - made in the Btitish Isles

Spring is bursting with colour so bring those zingy shades in with a blanket or throw. Casually laid at the end of your bed they make a style statement and come in handy on chillier evenings too. Choose lovely natural fibres like our merino lambswool throws for a cosy feel that also washes wonderfully.

3. Hang a Mirror

The light changes in spring, we all crave brighter days after a long winter and so help bounce light around your bedroom by adding a mirror. Whether you choose a large mirror propped against a wall or create a statement with lots of small ones collected together, adding mirrors is a speedy way to bring spring inside.


4. Crisp cotton sheets

Bright white cotton sheets make your bedroom feel brighter and lighter. Take advice from five star hotels and go for the highest thread count you can afford, it will last you years and you’ll be rewarded as your bedding will get better the more you use them. Our Brooklyn bedding collection is made of quality sourced Egyptian cotton and has a luxurious 300 thread count which means it will wear incredibly well and become even softer over time – our customers say that once they try it they never go back.

5. Use scents to freshen up

Relaxing Lavender

Spritz your room with scented linen water to bring that unmistakable freshness of spring inside. Lavender and rosemary are delicious scents to spray and you can make your own fragranced linen water quite simply – you’ll find a simple recipe here.
If this has inspired you to refresh your bedroom head over to our bedding collections to dive into some new season style. You’ll find them all here