Best bath towels: how to pick super-soft & ultra-absorbent designs

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a big difference to guests - both the home and hotel variety. Bath towels are, in theory, a functional item, created to help us dry off after a bath or shower. But we all know that there is simply no comparison between a soft, fluffy, hotel-style towel and a rough, tired, threadbare old towel that should have been retired from service years ago.

Quality bath towels are such a relatively affordable option these days that there’s really no excuse to skimp. There’s certainly no faster way to elevate a bathroom, and give you and your guests some easy, instant TLC. In fact, it’s more cost-effective than you might think to upgrade your entire towel collection. In addition to bath towels, stocking up on hand towels, face cloths and even bath mats really is a worthwhile investment that won’t go unnoticed, and is always appreciated.

Bathroom with towels, bath mat, laundry bag and bathrobe from The Fine Cotton Company

Soft, fluffy towels are an essential element of any luxury bathroom

Key selection criteria for bath towels

Once you’ve accepted that your bath towels need replacing, you’ll need to assess the different options available. There are a number of key criteria to consider. Weight, size, materials, weave, colour, and even how the towel is made all need to be assessed, as should longevity and function. What are your priorities? For example, do you need lightweight bath towels that will dry quickly between uses? Or is the look and feel of five-star hotel extravagance, with all the weight and finish that entails, your key concern?

Whichever type of bath towels you require, our extensive portfolio is sure to offer something that suits. In terms of weight, we offer everything from extra-light, quick-drying options to plush, unadulterated luxury. And whichever type of bath towels you choose, you can rest assured we make them to last. We test all of our towels in industrial laundries, and have double-stitched seams for extra durability.

Como bath towels collection and matching bath mat in blue from The Fine Cotton Company

Our Como luxury collection even incudes a matching bath mat. Choose classic white – or add a pop of colour with pretty pastel blue

What is GSM?

The weight of a towel is measured in GSM, which stands for grams per square metre. In general terms, the higher the GSM, the denser, thicker and more absorbent the towel will be. A GSM of 300-400 is considered lightweight. Medium-weight towels have a GSM of 400-600, while GSM 600-900 denotes the heaviest.

Bath towels with a luxury look and feel

If you’re after true luxury hotel-style bath towels, look out for a GSM of 600-700, such as our Como 700 gsm Organic Cotton Towel Collection. This upscale range is available in a choice of sizes that includes face cloth, guest towel, hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet, extra-large bath sheet and bath mat. The available colours are white, latte and blue.

Join the cotton club

It’s widely accepted that the best bath towels are 100% cotton – another benefit of our Como collection. Egyptian cotton towels feature longer fibres, which means they feel softer, plusher and are more absorbent. We produce our organic cotton without chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. We also use less water and preserve soil quality, so organic is a great choice if you’re keen to prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Personalised towels from The Fine Cotton Company

Elevate your bath towels to the next level with our Como Personalised Monogrammed range. [Credit: Crosswater]

Add a personal touch

Personalisation is another way to make your bath towels extra-special. It’s also a useful practical tip for busy family bathrooms, where multiple towels look the same! In fact, we can embroider our Personalised Monogrammed Como collection with initials or names of up to ten letters, in a variety of colours and styles. A personalised guest towel is always a thoughtful touch. It makes a great gift, too.

Another personalisation option is our Royal Embroidered Como 700 gsm Towel Collection, where we offer embroidery with our Royal Collection letters. Finally, our Round Border Embroidered Como 700 gsmTowel Collection is popular with both corporate hotel and personal customers.


White and bright bath towels

As with hotel bedding, most high-end hotel bath towels are white. This gives the impression of cleanliness, freshness and luxury. There’s a practical element too. White towels can be lightly bleached to keep them looking spick and span. And the white won’t fade with repeated hot washes.

Napoli bath towels collection from The Fine Cotton Company

Luxury bath towels don’t have to be white. Our Napoli collection is available in a wide range of practical, darker shades

Replicate that five-star feeling with our Venice 550 gsm White Hotel Towel Collection, which is also available for consumers keen to achieve a hotel-style look at home. This range feels suitably soft and fluffy, and we finish the look with a rice waffle border.

Conversely, if you prefer a splash of colour in the bathroom, we recommend our Napoli 550 gsm Towel Collection. Like our luxury Como, this classic range is available in a wide range of sizes. We also offer a versatile shade range that includes ivory, ochre, soft pink, navy blue, dark grey and sage green, to complement both classic and contemporary bathroom schemes.

Napoli pink collection for luxury bathrooms by The Fine Cotton Company

Pretty in pink: soften an all-white bathroom palette with our pastel Napoli towels

Finished with a rice waffle border, we make our Napoli towels with fully combed cotton, which ensures they are soft and absorbent, with a plush, fluffy feel.

Lighter selections

Not everyone enjoys heavyweight bath towels that take a long time to dry. If you’re looking for a lighter option that’s idea for spa use or swimming, try our Amalfi 450 gsm Light Weight Spa Towel Collection.

Amalfi collection by The Fine Cotton Company

Lightweight and quick-drying, our Amalfi collection is perfect for sports and spa lovers

Specially designed to withstand the rigours of pools, steam rooms and saunas, this range dries quickly, but still feels soft to the touch, thanks to its cotton composition. Our Amalfi collection is available in white and dark grey. In addition to the usual towel sizes, this range also includes a matching spa mitt, head band and XL spa sheet.

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