Decorating your table for Valentine's Day

We asked Style & Décor blogger Sarah to style up a two different tablescapes, using our table linen, to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Time really does fly! It seems like only yesterday I was making plans for Christmas. But somehow Valentine’s Day is already on the horizon. I've got some ideas on how to dine in for fun on this special day, which involve friends and family. How are you planning to celebrate?

valentines day tablescape designs by Style & decor blogger Sarah

Welcome to my open-plan kitchen diner! I love creating different tablescapes for special occasions

Home is where the heart is

I much prefer to entertain at home on Valentine's Day, as opposed to dining out, as I find it far more rewarding. This gives me a great excuse to put a lot of effort into decorating my dining table with Valentine's Day decor. I think that a carefully curated tablescape really does elevate an evening to become something more memorable.

Valentine's Day decorations on a white table cloth by The Fine Cotton Company

Pretty in pink: here I’ve curated a table setting that features a palette of different pinks and accents of matte gold

Of course, there are no set rules these days, even for Valentine’s celebrations, so you don’t need to limit yourself to a romantic meal for two. Loved ones include friends and family, or you could even host a ‘Galentine’s Day get-together with the right ideas and Valentine's Day decorations.

Valentine’s Day with the wow factor

Whoever you plan to spend this day with, I think it’s important to add some serious wow factor to your decor. This is definitely the best part for me when entertaining lunch and dinner guests, whatever the occasion. So I’ve carefully curated some original ideas and designed two different tablescapes, to help you celebrate at home in style.

Different ideas for two lovely looks

One design features pastel pink Valentine's Day decorations, such as adorable paper hearts, to help set the mood. The other incorporates a range of colours, and even includes a garland of faux flowers and foliage, for a different take on the date, which cupid would be proud of.

Elegant Valentine's Day table setting with Mikado table linen by The Fine Cotton Company

A pink/green combination – with a few accept pops of red – adds a less traditional but no less impactful Valentine’s Day decor to a table colour scheme

Dress your room to impress

Your starting point when it comes to Valentine's Day decoration should always be good quality table linen. It plays a key role in terms of pulling your special table together, as it’s the backdrop for the rest of your styling. Think of it as the foundation you build on. Most of us dress to impress on Valentine’s Day – and your dining table should most definitely follow suit!

I'm in love with Mikado

I chose the Mikado Table Linen Collection as the base for both of my Valentine’s Day decoration for both tablescapes. It includes seven different tablecloth options – plus matching napkins – in Dusky Pink, Grey or White. The quality is fantastic, so it’s a really great buy for a special event. However, the colours are so versatile, you don't need to confine its use to Valentine's Day decorations. You can simply use this table linen every day if you prefer. It's also machine washable, so it’s super practical as well as pretty.

valentine's day decoration for a diy valentine's day with table linen from The Fine Cotton Company

My Mikado tablecloth, £72, from The Fine Cotton Company, forms the foundation of my pink Valentine’s Day tablescape. It’s available in seven sizes and three colours. The super-soft design is made from 220 gsm plain weave – and you can even choose to have it monogrammed!

In the pink

The colour red tends to be used a lot to decorate for Valentine’s Day, but I find it can be a little too bold for a table setting. Pink, however, works perfectly. Even so, perhaps take care not to overdo it for your DIY Valentine's Day.

I began to create my first tablescape by layering a pink tablecloth on top of a larger white one, to create more contrast. I complemented these with crisp white Mikado napkins.

Decorating ideas for valentines day to elevate the space with table cloth by The Fine Cotton Company

'Matte' gold accessories are the perfect foil for pale pink. I paired my plates with Fable's 20-piece Flatware cutlery set. It’s looks so dainty and delicate, but is super durable and is even dishwasher-safe

Adding colourful accents

I think using pink creates an instant romantic vibe. But I also added subtle green accents to introduce depth, and a touch of sophistication. As with fashion choices, how you accessorise is vital. Gold cutlery enhances any special occasion, and it tones brilliantly with pastel shades.

Decorating for Valentine's with gold

Choose matt gold if you’re concerned about things looking too brash or bling. Fable’s Flatware Set in Matte Gold is excellent. It looks delicate, but because it’s made from high-quality stainless steel, it’s actually very durable. It’s dishwasher-safe too.

Get the light right

Ambience is key for a successful Valentine’s Day dinner. So do dim the lights. Candlelight is romantic and also super flattering. To complement my flatware cutlery, I chose a set of three brass taper candle holders. Top tip: varying candlestick heights add depth and interest. I teamed these with a collection of three gold votives.

Crockery and coasters

There’s a well-known saying that maintains ‘we eat with your eyes’. So make sure that the plates you serve your Valentine’s Day menu on are suitably appealing too. Crockery can literally make or break a look so it's vital to consider these wisely.

Plate planning for Valentine's Day

I’m a big fan of French tableware, so I set my table with my existing scallop-edge white plates, which feature a classic, white-glazed finish. The antique French style reminds me of some memorable holidays spent in France. I added a Valentine’s Day twist with four heart-shaped plates. The solid pink and reactive pink glazes are so pretty, and they are very reasonably priced.

This tablescape is covered with a Mikado table loth and napkins for Valentine's Day

I firmly believe that proper linen napkins really elevate a table setting. Here I positioned my pink Mikado napkins (£45 for four) between my two plates – this clever tip involves minimum effort for maximum effect!


I layered my Mikado napkins between the two plates. If you struggle with fiddly folding this is an easy yet elegant alternative.

 Heart shape ideas

I also scattered some Amara Ceramic heart-shaped bowls from Oliver Bonas around the table, filled with sweet treats. Adding a heart shape here and there to your table, will add to your DIY Valentine's Day look. So, I chose some paper hearts and scattered some chocolates in the same shape around the table which complemented my heart-shaped coasters.

Materials matter

It’s not just colours that are important for a Valentine’s Day table setting. Materials matter too. I’m a big fan of marble for special occasions, as it always looks so elegant and opulent. So I was thrilled to discover these handcrafted Amour Marble Heart Coasters from Anthropologie. They are made from 100% marble, with beautiful brass edging that pulls together perfectly with this tablescape’s cutlery and candle-ware.

Toasting romance

Will you be enjoying a glass or two of something special this Valentine’s Day? Whatever you’re planning to serve (champagne or rosé are firm favourites chez nous) make sure your drinking vessels are worthy of it. I set my pink table with these Jasmine Glass Tumblers from Oliver Bonas.

Faux flowers from Abigail Ahern add to the Valentine's Day decorations

I commissioned my decorative hand-painted dragonfly glasses from artist Monique Low at Toasted Glass. This tall, sleek brass taper candle holder comes in a set of three in matt gold, from Yuva Home and I'll be using these all year round

Adding the finer details

My Walter Green Glass Bobble Jug is another Oliver Bonas buy – I think this shade looks super pretty against the pink and white Mikado table linen. Contrasting colours in this way can instantly lift your DIY Valentine's Day to another level on the night in question. I commissioned the decorative hand-painted dragonfly wine glasses from Toasted Glass.

Taking centre stage

A proper table centrepiece always looks impressive, but don’t be afraid to adapt and experiment with what you already have. For my pink Valentine’s Day tablescape I used my Oliver Bonas Anjo White Marble & Inlay Lazy Susan for the cake stand centrepiece. I accessorised it with some sprigs of faux botanicals from Abigail Ahern, in natural shades of pink, green and white. These help to tie the look together and add some colour to the backdrop of crisp white fabric on the table cloth.

Don't bake with shop-bought sweet treats for valentines day decor

I repurposed my Lazy Susan from Oliver Bonas for my pink Valentine’s Day table centrepiece. It’s perfect for displaying – and dispensing – a range of sweet treats!

 Valentine's Day decoration with cake

While I enjoy baking, for a special sweet treat I ordered the Valentine's Day Cupcake Selection from Rachael’s Kitchen. The different tones of pink icing look super stylish, and how clever is the handmade edible love letter? There's no need for love notes on this table as these cup cakes will add all the fun to your occasion. Best of all, I’m happy to report these cakes taste every bit as good as they look.

Cupcakes for valentines day

Expertly iced in different tones of pink, I highly recommend these Valentine's cupcakes, (from £25 for six), from Rachael's Kitchen


Layer your design

I’ve created my second Valentine’s Day table setting to appeal more to those who likes their interiors to include more colour variety. Pink still features, but I’ve included more green and red elements too. It works well for day decorations too, if you're planning a lunch event so there's no need to light any candles.

 Valentine's day decor with The Fine Cotton Company table linen

Once again, I began by laying two tablecloths from the Mikado collection, as the quality is so good. This time I angled a square dusky pink option over a rectangular white base tablecloth, and added chic white Mikado napkins to contrast against my coloured crockery.

Different colours in the same fabric layer the tablescape Mikado table linen by The Fine Cotton Company

Here you can see how I’ve layered two Mikado tablecloths, to add colour, shape and texture to my Valentine’s Day table


Be clever with colour

The crockery in question is my beloved Chelsea Ceramic 12-Piece Boxed Set from Sara Miller London. The different colour combinations and gold detailing are a joy to decorate with and they add a lift to any special tablescape.

 Candles to light up the look at night

To complement the colourful look of my plates, I chose a set of quirky red and pink Anna + Nina Swirl Taper Candles from Anthropologie. I continued the two-tone theme with this woven herringbone ribbon from Etsy’s PlumBowtique. Using ribbon to make a beautiful bow to wrap around cutlery is such a quick, clever way to hand craft a memorable finishing touch to a place setting.

A bunch of candles fill this tablescape designed for The Fine Cotton Company

I added a dash of two-tone colour and pattern with these Anna + Nina Swirl Taper Candles (£38 for two) from Anthropologie

Create Valentine's Day decorations with flowers and foliage 

You could also add this ribbon your table centrepiece, although here I chose to creative a runner combining foliage and lights, using a Christmas garland I already had (definitely not just for Christmas!) and some white rose fairy lights.


Tablescape cover for four diners with ribbon you can wrap around cutlery

Ribbon bows can really add the wow factor if you tie them to cutlery to create each place setting. I sourced mine (£1 per m, from Plum Bowtique on Etsy


Tones and textures

Texture is another important element to consider when creating a special tablescape in your dedicated room. That’s why I’m such a big fan of these Artland Glass Peacock Gin Glasses, from Kings & Queens. They feature a stunning metallic emerald/turquoise exterior, with a peacock feather design motif around the bowl of the glass. The inside is a striking silver shade which sparkles at night for extra bonus points. This super-shiny accessory contrasts well against the gorgeous matt, pastel-coloured table cloth, too.

Mikado pink tablecloth by The Fine Cotton Company for Valentine's Day

My Mikado table cloth features a textured finish for a more luxurious look and this contrasts well with my table accessories

Jewel in the crown for a fun night

What better to serve inside them than my favourite tipple, Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin. Its jewel hue happens to be the perfect complement for my DIY Valentine’s Day table colour scheme.

Details of other accessories featured – such as the water jug and Lazy Susan – have already been detailed in my first, pink-themed tablescape.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my creative ideas, and are feeling suitably inspired to create your own special tablescapes for Valentine’s Day!