How to care for your bed linen

If you’re investing in some luxury bed linen it makes sense to know how to look after it.
Keep your bed linen looking beautiful with these expert tips on keeping it clean and feeling pristine.

1. Change your bed linen once a week

It’s best to change your bed linen once a week to keep it fresh. In warmer climates switching your pillowcases every few days will help keep thing feeling clean as they get more wear than your sheets.

2. Wash your sheets with care

Treat your bed linen gently. Unless your cotton sheets are particularly stained there’s no need to clean them at high temperatures. Wash them at 30 degrees using a bleach-free washing detergent (bleach can actually give your sheets a yellow hue over time). And if you’ve got sensitive skin, give the sheets an extra rinse on the wash cycle to make sure all the washing soap is removed and avoid any irritations.


3. Don’t over dry your bedding

Be careful not to get your bedding too dry before you iron it. Ideally you shoud line dry your linen, but as this isn’t always possible, by taking it out of the tumble dryer when it’s still slightly damp you’ll find it much easier to care for.

4. Steam for crease free sheets

Ironing whilst damp is a great way to perfect your bed linen but steaming your sheets will make getting rid of those creases much easier. There are lots of inexpensive lightweight hand held models available that make doing the laundry even breeze, we wouldn’t be without ours.
If you’re looking for an easier care bed linen go for Sateen sheets, they have an incredibly smooth finish and are a touch easier to iron than than Percale bed linen.
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5. Alternate your sheets

It’s really handy to have three sets of bed linen – one on your bed, one in the laundry and one in the linen cupboard ready to adorn your bed. This way you’ve always bed linen to hand and you’ll naturally rotate your sheets so that they wear evenly and prolong their wear.

Armed with this advice you’ll now be able to keep your bed linen in tip-top condition but if you have any more questions please do give our customer service team a call on 03545 602 9050.