Update your Bedroom for Summer

As summer draws near it’s the perfect time to change up the look of your bedroom to achieve a light and airy feel that goes with the season.  Our luxurious and organic linens have the added benefit of helping to regulate body temperature in the warmer months.   See our best picks for the season below, along with advice on thread count and the best natural duvets suited to the time of year.

Natural sunlight floods into this all white room with natural wood flooring.  Crisp, white cotton bed sheets and a simple taupe throw complete the look to create a relaxed and comfortable Scandi vibe.

All about thread count:

Thread count is the amount of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch
Horizontal threads are referred to as ‘weft’
Vertical threads are known as ‘weft’
A good standard thread count is around 200
Anything higher than 200 will feel very soft and luxurious but it also depends on the count of yarn used

Summer Duvets and Tog Rating:

Don’t forget whats on the inside counts too.  We advise to switch to a lighter tog duvet in the summer months.

Tog ratings are based on a duvet’s ability to trap warm air
The higher the tog rating the warmer the duvet
A 3.0 – 6.0 tog rating is the best for spring/summer

“All of our duvets are natural filled and have efficient thermal properties allowing the skin to breathe more effectively. Duvets with natural fillings are soft, light, and comfortable and do not need to feel heavy so their weight can be deceptive. They are also highly resilient.

“There are benefits to all types of fillings and it really is down to personal choice.”

Summer seems like it's here with warm sunny weather.

Open your windows wide and let the spring air flow through your home sweeping out the winter.

It is time to introduce into your bedroom beautiful, soft 100% cotton bed linen, lightweight hypoallergenic silk duvets and silk pillows, for that fresh, crisp spring feeling.

Preparing your bedroom for Spring is all about keeping the room as cool as possible during the hot nights, and letting in the air and Spring light.   Pale, light colours are the best for the spring and summer, so if you are redecorating, why not paint the walls or paper them in light neutral colours?  Also, spring is a time when you want to be able to look at your garden or the view from your bedroom windows. Especially if you have a view over the sea, mountains or stunning countryside, what could be nicer on a sunny spring morning, than sitting in bed drinking your morning tea and looking at the view? So consider taking down heavy winter curtains or blinds and replacing them with light voile drapes, nets or thin blinds?

If your spring bedroom makeover is going to include buying bed linen, now is the time to invest in 100% organic bed linen.  You may have been put off the idea of buying organic bed linen in the past because you thought that it was too expensive, hard to wash and dry and that organic bed linen felt rough and only came in ugly, neutral colours.  However this is no longer the case and now you can buy affordable, beautiful quality organic bed linen in a range of gorgeous designs from companies such as The Fine Cotton Company.

Here at The Fine Cotton Company we have wonderful, luxurious ranges of 100% organic bed linen, including matching organic cotton duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases that will perfectly compliment your spring bedroom decor and not cost you a fortune.

There are other benefits in investing in organic cotton bed linen.  Organic cotton is grown without using any nasty chemicals and pesticides, so while you are sleeping you are not breathing in any of these chemical fumes or are not absorbing potentially damaging chemicals through your skin. Organic cotton is also grown in a sustainable manner that maintains and replenishes soil fertility and minimises soil erosion.  In addition, the local farmers and their families are treated more ethically and enjoy better working conditions and fairer remuneration than commercial cotton growers.  So you can enjoy a beautiful spring bedroom and be kinder to your planet, by buying organic cotton bed linen.

Of course, as you spend between a quarter and a third of your life sleeping, it is important that during the  warmer nights of the spring that you remain as cool and comfortable as possible.  One way to do this is to invest in a lightweight pure silk duvet.    Naturally hypoallergenic, pure silk duvets are very light, so maintain your comfort on hot, sweaty nights, as they are naturally breathable and heat conducting.    If you buy matching pure silk pillows, you are guaranteed a long and cool nights sleep during the spring and summer months. If you also want the benefit of a mattress topper, you can also buy silk filled mattress toppers to improve your sleeping experience.   If you buy a silk filled mattress topper online from The Fine Cotton Company, you will find that it is naturally hypoallergenic and they really do help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you cooler on those hot nights.

Another way to ensure that you have a good nights sleep during the summer months is to keep your bedroom clean and fragrant.   Change your bed linen regularly and wash it in an organic or natural washing liquid if you can and, if possible, dry it out in the fresh air and sunshine.  Vacuum and clean your bedroom regularly to get rid of any dust or dirt, using natural products so that you do not introduce any chemical irritants into your sleeping space.   If you want to fill your bedroom with beautiful summer fragrances, do not buy a fragrance machine that pumps out synthetic chemicals; buy some organic potpourri, or even better, organic scented candles that will fill your bedroom with magical summer scents.

So that beautiful, fresh, light and airy summer bedroom could easily be yours. You can buy all of The Fine Cotton Companys luxury organic ranges easily and securely online.  And just imagine what a wonderful nights sleep that you will enjoy after you have slid between your adorably soft organic cotton sheets, the air beautifully scented from having burned a luxury organic scented candle and with the full moon peeping in your windows to bid you goodnight.