Five Steps to 5 Star Hotel Luxury at Home

Imagine slipping into a five-star hotel-style bed every evening. Our founder and bedding expert, Jane Robson, offers five ‘home hacks’ to recreate five-star hotel luxury in the home

1. Count on Cotton

“High thread count cotton is a must for achieving that ‘luxe’ feel at home,” says Jane.  “A good standard thread count is around 200 and anything higher than that will feel wonderfully soft and luxurious.  Percale or Sateen may be woven up to 1000 thread count.The high thread count fabric is soft and silk-like to touch – delightfully reminiscent of those five-star hotel stays. 

“Unlike certain products in the home, where cheap substitutions can go unnoticed, investing in high-quality cotton bed linen will really make a difference to your home.  Quality cotton sheets will feel a lot smoother and softer than cheaper imitations; they will last for years and because the fabric is made from natural fibres it will keep cool in summer and warm in winter.”

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2. Add some colour

There’s something about white bed linen that just denotes sound sleep, comfort and luxury.  If you want to inject some colour or interest then acessorise with cushions, throws and blankets in sumptuous high-quality materials, or choose a bedding set that has a subtle coloured trim.

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3. Pile on the Pillows

“Who cares if you only sleep with one pillow – to create a plush haven of comfort you need an abundance of pillows! I’d opt for a minimum of four standard pillows and two scatter cushions but in this case – more is more. It’s all about layering up to create a lavish feeling of extravagance.”

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4. Flat Sheets for Five Star

While fitted sheets have their benefits, flat sheets are a mainstay in hotel bed-making and ‘hospital corners’ are an absolute must. Flat sheets are also much easier to press meaning you can achieve that crisp, white look that hotels are renowned for.  For an extra layer of luxury try triple sheeting – where an extra sheet is laid on top of the blanket or duvet – it gives that hotel feel and also adds another layer of protection for your duvet.”

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5. Clean and Crisp

“There’s no better feeling than getting into a freshly laundered bed.  Good quality materials won’t fade or wear with washing so they can be laundered weekly at high temperatures to keep them looking their best.”

“All of our hotel bedding is washable at 60 degrees – the temperature that kills dust mites.  It’s also a good idea to have spare set of bedding to rotate and ease the weekly washing process.”

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