How to pick the best pillows for premium home or hotel slumber

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We spend around one-third of our lives asleep – or trying to drop off! So this is why sleeping on the best pillows could be key. A good night’s sleep can boost our physical and mental health, enhance our mood, and our ability to deal with stress. So not getting enough can seriously impact our wellbeing. Yet sleep issues are increasingly common. In fact, it’s thought that around one-third of Brits struggle with insomnia at some point.

Trouble sleeping means different things to different people. In addition to tossing and turning at night, disrupted sleep – and waking too early – and among the most common problems. There are many reasons why people struggle to drif off at night. But the right bedroom environment is crucial. Investing in high-quality bedding should be the starting point. And of course picking the best pillows can totally transform your bedtime experience!

Hungarian Goose Down Pillows by The Fine Cotton Company

When only the best will do: our ultra-luxe Hungarian Goose Down Pillows are sumptuously soft with lots of bounce-back – perfect for weary heads to sink into!

The perfect pillow

It’s important to realise that the perfect pillow is subjective. One size (and shape, material and density) doesn’t fit all. The best ones are an essential investment for five-star sleep. The tricky part is working out what best means – for you and your guests. The key criteria to consider are dimensions, filling and pillow loft (the compressed height level when your head is resting on it). Most luxury hotels offer a range of different sizes and types, so their clients can choose the best pillows for them. That’s why we’ve curated our portfolio to offer different designs to suit all personal preferences – and pockets, from the finest Hungarian goose down, to an eco-friendly vegan option.

Luxury 100% Duck Down Pillows

Luxe-lovers will also adore our Luxury 100% Duck Down pillows. Available in standard and large sizes, these are filled with fluffy down clusters and small, fine feathers for a fabulous night’s sleep

The best type for different sleepers

Did you know that your sleep position plays a key role when selecting the best pillows? That’s because the secret to a great night’s sleep is alignment. The best design will keep the spine in a neutral position, that supports the natural curvature of the neck and back. Back sleepers are lucky. Because their spine is resting in its natural shape, back sleepers don’t need much support. If you like to sleep this way, soft ones are the best pillow choice: think down, feather or microfibre. Meanwhile, side sleepers tend to need more support from their pillow, which needs to lift and support the head to keep the neck and spine in alignment. So, we would suggest a firm microfibre or wool option. Front sleepers, on the other hand, need the most support. That’s because sleeping in this position puts a lot of stress on your neck and spine. The best pillows for front sleepers are thin versions – such as thin down or microfibre – that won’t exacerbate any spinal twisting.


Goose Down Pillows

Our Goose Down Surround Pillows incorporate a core of small feathers, partnered with a luxury down surround that feels soft to sleep on, but still provides medium-to-firm support. Don’t delay if you love a bargain – these are currently on sale at 50% off!

Material matters

Size and material are also important criteria in the quest to find the perfect pillow. Typically, designs are rectangular, and they are available in different sizes that correlate to the width of single, queen or king size mattresses. The best ‘fill’, however, is far more subjective. So, for many people, nothing beats the sumptuous softness of goose or duck down. Others prefer the look and feel of silk, which absorbs less moisture than certain other materials. And, as increasing numbers of people strive to shop more ethically, vegan pillows are growing in popularity. Our Vegan Smart Down Recycled Pillow Collection simulates the luxurious loft of natural down, but without any animal components or derivatives. The recycled fibres and ethically sourced cotton cover make them an eco-friendly option, too.

Vegan Smart Down Recycled  best pillows Collection by The Fine Cotton Company

Our Vegan Smart Down Recycled Pillows are free from animal components and derivatives. The silky-soft fibres are made from recycled PET plastic bottles, making them an excellent eco-friendly option

The best pillows for allergy sufferers

If you’re prone to allergies, the best pillows will feature a filling that’s unpalatable to dust mites. That’s because it’s these pesky mites that are responsible for the majority of flare-ups, rather than the filling itself. Feathers and down pillows are usually best avoided. But the prime course of action is to look for a specialist allergy-friendly option, like our Wool Pillow collection. Scientific testing has shown that dust mites cannot survive in wool, so these are the best pillows for anyone with asthma or allergies.

Wool pillows designed by The Fine Cotton Company

Allergy sufferers rejoice – our Wool Pillow Collection is a deluxe natural hypoallergenic option that doesn’t need to be frozen or washed at 60°C

Available in two sizes (large and standard) our deluxe wool collection is made with a 100% wool filling and covered in a wool quilted 100% cotton outer, for optimum breathability, moisture control and thermoregulation. Our range of wool bedding is the only proven hypoallergenic option on the UK market, and has even been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Best of all, you can save money and energy by washing our wool pillows at 30°C!

Caring for them

Once you’ve selected the best pillows for your needs, you need to look after them properly. First and foremost, use a pillow protector to defend against dirt, damage, drool and sweat. Even with a protector, it’s important to launder them regularly – at least every three months – and more frequently if you suffer from allergies, or the weather is particularly warm.

Boutique Silk best pillows collection by The Fine Cotton Company

Our Boutique Silk Pillows are super-soft to the touch. They are packed full of advanced Smartfil® clusters (plump mini balls that move around to cushion the head and neck where needed), offer firm support, and are washable at 60°C

But all good things must come to an end. A lot depends on the material, but as a general rule of thumb, even the best versions need replacing every one to two years. Keep an eye on how your pillow looks and feels to know when it’s approaching its expiration.