Wellness retreat welcomes TFCC luxury textiles

Located on the Essex/Suffolk border, Shore Hall – our latest corporate client – is an oasis of calm and tranquillity in the form of a wellness hotel. Originally known as Wood Hall/Woodhall, this bucolic property dates from the late 16th century. More recently, it was owned by best-selling author Jojo Moyes, who completely remodelled and modernised the seven-bedroom grade II listed house, which is situated on 22 acres of gardens, orchards and paddocks.

Earlier this year, the manor house was bought by Lara Holliday and James Forrester, as a family home/wellness retreat. Lara is a life and executive coach, and offers residential retreats that focus on relaxation, learning, health and growth. We are proud to have been chosen to design and supply Shore Hall’s bed linen and bathroom collections.

Wellness retreat Shore Hall is located on Essex/Suffolk border

Shore Hall, a 16th century manor house located on the Essex/Suffolk border, has now been transformed into a luxury wellness retreat

A new beginning

“When we bought Shore Hall in March, it was already in beautiful condition,” confirms Lara. “It had been lovingly looked after for many centuries, and is in extraordinarily good shape for a manor house of its age. The former owners had also upgraded a lot of the infrastructure, including building a massive solar panel field and overhauling the drainage system. The early projects we are taking on are building upon some of the modern conveniences that make life more comfortable and convenient: extending gigabit Wi-Fi throughout, and installing more really fabulous showers.”

One of the best wellness retreats in the Uk - Shore Hall with bed linen by The Fine Cotton Company

Our Shore Hall bed linen collection has been carefully curated to complement the wellness retreat’s focus on health and wellbeing – without compromising on quality

Better balance

Shore Hall is a wellness retreat, which is aimed at people who are seeking better balance in their lives, who are on a mission to find greater fulfilment, both personally and professionally. “Quite often, clients report a feeling that something is off, but they can’t quite identify what that might be,” Lara explains.

She adds: “My work is not to give them answers, but to enable them find their own way forward. We find wellbeing and a sense of fulfilment when we gather up the courage to march to the beat of our own drum.  But sometimes we need a little help getting through the self-reflection process that enables us to find our pathway.”

The Fine Cotton Company's bed linen harnesses a luxurious 300 thread count to nourish your body and soul

Our Brooklyn 300TC Egyptian Cotton Sateen bed linen collection includes flat sheets, fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, to provide a seamless, stylish look that befits the retreat’s premium positioning

Spa facilities at Shore Hall

If you find holistic restorative and spa treatments appealing, at Shore Hall, internationally acclaimed life and leadership coach Lara Holliday carefully curates bespoke retreats which can tailor for every need. This way, you can indulge in a dedicated retreat, which will allow you to take time to 'relax, reflect and restore yourself'.

How nature nurtures

Nature, Lara believes, can play an instrumental role in this process and facilitate the essence of a healthy lifestyle and wellness experience. “The therapeutic benefits of being amongst flowers and trees, growing vegetables, gazing at beautiful vistas, and engaging with animals are profound,” she observes.

 As oasis of calm

“Shore Hall is the perfect environment for people to be able to soak up all the benefits of nature without having to give up modern comforts and conveniences. The layout of the gardens, walking paths, and places to sit and enjoy the scenery gives us so many opportunities to improve our health, calm our nervous systems, and open up new perspectives.”

 Vegan Down Collection by The Fine Cotton Company demonstrates sustainability values

In line with her commitment to sustainability, Shore Hall owner Lara chose our ethically-conscious vegan duvets and pillows, made from 100% recycled fibres, for the wellness retreat’s bedrooms

Sustainable solutions

The Shore Hall wellness retreat provides a holistic approach with a range of unique offerings to its guests, including Equine Facilitated Learning, massage and Reiki therapies, spa facilities, forest bathing, yoga, breathing exercises, and guided meditation sessions. Guests can also enjoy their tennis court and the property’s beautiful outdoor pool, which is heated with solar energy.

Venice Towel Collection supplied by The Fine Cotton Company

We supplied Shore Hall with two different types of towels – Venice for the bedrooms – and Girona Stripe for the pool 

Sustainable living & equality rule

Sustainability and integrity underpin everything the wellness retreat offers. “Our property is powered with solar electricity, we proudly offer electric vehicle charging points, and we are making every effort to eliminate our use of fossil fuels,” Lara confirms. “We are dedicated to sustainable land conservation practices and to supporting women-led and local businesses.” She adds: “We are happy to feature products by business owners who share our intention to create best-in-class experiences while leaving a light footprint.”

The Fine Cotton Company monogrammed bathrobes featuring the Shore Hall logo

To further elevate the guest appearance, we customised a selection of items for Shore Hall, including monogrammed bathrobes, and hair dryer bags personalised with the wellness retreat’s logo

A new alliance for this wellbeing retreat

Which bring us nicely onto how this latest collaboration came about. As you’d expect from such a prestigious wellness retreat, finding the right linens was a priority for Lara. We know that the smallest things can make a big difference to guests. Bedding, towels and accessories are an essential aspect of any hotel experience.

A stay at Shore Hall can offer so much within a three day retreat

If you're looking for one of the best mindfulness retreats in the UK, you could find Shore Hall will meet every expectation

Like-minded people unite 

“As an independent business owner, I try to always choose to work with other independent businesses, so I was attracted to The Fine Cotton Company right away,” Lara observes. “I am new to the world of hospitality, and had quite a steep learning curve when it came to selecting the perfect bed and bath linens for my guests.”

She continues: “Jane [director at The Fine Cotton Company] was so helpful and resourceful, and made the challenge of dressing our beds actually quite enjoyable. It really has been a pleasure to be in partnership with The Fine Cotton Company to create luxurious experiences for our guests.”

The Great Lawn at Shore Hall can provide the perfect place for a stroll in your free time on a long weekend break

At The Fine Cotton Company, we are renowned for working with the UK's finest wellness retreats and Shore Hall, which is surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens, provides a perfect example

Quality and care

Making her guests feel cared for, and catered to in every aspect of their wellness retreat experience, is a key priority for Lara. She is also well aware of important role sleep plays in self-care in terms of both physical and mental wellbeing.

Daily life for a guest at one of the leading UK wellness retreats - Shore Hall

At Shore Hall, you can expect to rest, relax and explore a stress-free environment

Exceptional quality


“The Fine Cotton Company’s bed linens make a great night’s sleep so easy to come by, especially when you’ve been breathing the fresh country air at Shore Hall all day,” Lara relates. “The bedding is a reflection of the quality and grandeur of Shore Hall itself, so it must enhance the overall experience of staying with us. For our guests who want to immerse themselves in nature – without giving up their creature comforts – luxurious linens are a must.”

The luxury dining area at Shore Hall

If you stay at Shore Hall, you can expect to treat yourself with relaxation therapy, good nutrition and a variety of treatments, which could soothe and re-energise you

Our Shore Hall portfolio

Lara selected our Brooklyn sateen sheets and duvet covers for Shore Hall’s bed linens, complemented by our Roma and Brooklyn pillowcases.

Wellness retreat Shore Hall with Brooklyn pillowcases from The Fine Cotton Company

Our Brooklyn pillowcases feel like a breath of fresh air for a luxury home from home feeling

“The beautiful simplicity of them was very attractive to me,” she explains. “They help us to create a guest room environment that calms the mind and lets the beauty of the manor house sing.”

There’s also another, more personal reason behind Lara’s selection. “Brooklyn was my home for many years,” she laughs, “so I couldn’t help but love having the Brooklyn collection come to Shore Hall.”

Luxury bedrooms at Shore Hall with bed linen supplied by The Fine Cotton Company

Shore Hall's stunning bedrooms provide the perfect place to rest your body and release your mind

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given her wellness retreat’s eco-friendly credentials, Lara selected our vegan down recycled pillow and vegan down duvet collection, in addition to our Somerset biodegradable slippers.

The Fine Cotton Company's Lisbon throw at Shore Hall

The Fine Cotton Company's Vegan Down Duvet Collection and Vegan Smart Down Recycled Pillow Collection were chosen by Shore Hall with sustainability in mind. Here, the bed linen is topped by a Lisbon Cotton Herringbone Blanket

“We are dedicated to sustainable practices, and feel really good about using the vegan pillows and duvets, and the biodegradable slippers,” Lara confirms. “We want to create best-in-class experiences while leaving a light footprint, and everything we do at Shore Hall is done with this in mind.”

Comfort without compromise

The other key picks of the Shore Hall portfolio are our Ravenna dressing gowns and bath robes, and our Venice and Girona Stripe towels. “I am quite picky about towels, and I wanted to provide my guests with what I would want to find in luxury accommodation,” Lara explains. “I personally love it when makeup towels are provided!”

The Fine Cotton Company towels are supersoft

The Venice 550gsm Hotel Towel Collection White joins personalised embroidery on the grey The Fine Cotton Company towels for a more striking finish


Super-soft towels and bath robes

She adds: “The Girona Stripe Beach Towel is amazing. It is so big and soft, and it’s exactly what you want to wrap around yourself when you are lounging by the pool. The bathrobes and slippers are amazing, too.”

The Fine Cotton Company embroidered the personalised logo for wellness retreat Shore Hall

The Shore Hall logo has been embroidered onto this bathrobe from the Ravenna Velour Personalised Monogrammed Bath Robe Collection

Lara continues: “The bathrobes make you feel like you are walking around in a big hug. They slippers are also so wonderful to slip into after a massage treatment or a swim in the pool, and I love hearing our guests ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over how comfortable they are.”

Bathrobe at luxury wellness retreat Shore Hall supplied by The Fine Cotton Company

'The bath robes make you feel like you're walking around in a big hug' says Shore Hall owner Lara

The personal touch

Personalisation always enhances the guest experience. We can easily customise bed linens and accessories for our clients. Lara chose monogrammed bath robes for each room. She also selected waffle hair dryer bags personalised with the Shore Hall logo.

“These were one of my favourite purchases,” she reveals. “It’s a little touch, but it elevates everything. And the product quality [of everything] is absolutely excellent,” Lara concludes. “After many washes, the linens still feel as though they are brand new and sparkling white. I wouldn’t have it any other way for our wellness retreat guests.”

Wellness retreat Shore Hall's personalised hairdryer bags by The Fine Cotton Company

We designed and produced Waffle hairdryer bags which feature Shore Hall's logo to add a perfect finishing touch to the bedrooms

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